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Many propane consumers allow their propane supplier to make propane deliveries to their home week after week, month after month and year after year without researching the propane pricing to determine if their propane supplier is charging them fair and competitive propane prices for each delivery. Since most propane suppliers choose not to publicly post their propane prices on websites or other public displays, and most government propane price surveys containing limited information are available only between October and March of each year, propane consumers are left with few options to compare their suppliers propane prices.

CheckPropanePrices.com was created as a resource for propane consumers to (1) view the propane prices that other propane consumers are paying in their state and county, and (2) post their own propane prices on our website for other propane consumers to view for comparison purposes. The posted propane delivery information presented in our website includes the delivery state and county, delivery date, propane tank ownership information, the range of gallons applicable to the recent delivery, the propane price per gallon and any applicable supplier delivery fees. In some cases, the propane delivery date may be several days in advance as a propane order may have been placed but not yet delivered.  Please note that the updated version of our website completed in late February 2016, contains additional features.  One key improvement to our updated version was asking the consumer posting the delivery information to identify if the propane pricing was a pre-buy price, a price-cap price or a supplier determined propane price per gallon.  In addtional, we have added a new section for forklift propane operators to view and compare forklift propane pricing information.  Please note that more feasures will be added as we move forward.

Using our website database system is fast, easy and FREE. To view our survey of propane prices across the United States, simply access the appropiate link to view and compare residential or forklift propane pricing. Residential propane pricing section can be view by each respective state.  To enter your propane prices, please create an account by submitting a user name and e-mail address in the designated fields in the left column of this page. Upon submitting these pieces of information, a password will be e-mailed to your e-mail address giving you access to our system to input your propane price information. After logging in, simply select 'residential propane prices' or 'forklift propane prices' and follow the prompts to add your propane delivery/propane pricing information.

Please keep in mind that this is not a scientific propane price survey and the data is subject to various factors that may impact the results.  Consider the following when viewing our survey of propane prices:

  1. A higher propane price per gallon and/or a higher delivery fee may be an isolated event involving a customer not contacting their propane supplier in a timely manner for a delivery and incurring a higher price per gallon and/or a higher delivery fee for one specific after hours delivery following a customer propane run-out.
  2. A higher propane price per gallon and/or higher delivery fee entry among other lower propane price entries in the same county may simply be a situation where a customer did not conduct local propane pricing research prior to receiving their propane delivery.  Consumers in these counties (and neighboring counties) should maintain a high-level of awareness when accepting deliveries from local propane suppliers and conduct extensive research on local propane prices before accepting future propane deliveries to ensure that they do not become a victim of propane overpayment in the future.
  3. The more propane delivery/propane price entries in our database, the more valuable our website is to each website visitor.  Please encourage your propane home heating friends, neighbors and co-workers to enter their propane delivery information in our database following each delivery.  If you operate one propane fueled forklift or a fleet of propane forklifts, please share our website address with other organizations that use propane fueled forklifts.  Encourage them to view the propane delivery/propane price information in our database and participate by sharing their propane delivery/propane pricing information.
  4. Propane consumers should always consider multiple local propane price survey entries in conjunction with current price quotes from local propane suppliers to estimate the current market price range for propane prices in their area. 

For further tips on paying competitive propane prices visit  Propane-Prices.com . In addition, visit our website blog accessed through the hyperlink in the main menu above.  Our blog contains a wide range of topics including propane price updates and information pertaining to other propane gas applications including forklift fuel, etc.

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We hope that you find our website helpful!

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