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Reasons Propane Prices Change

Many propane suppliers have put reasons that propane prices change on their company websites.  For example, suppliers may state that propane is a by-product of the natural gas extraction process and propane pricing may be impacted by this process.  Another reason may include the distance that propane is transported before it reaches the customer destination.  Another reason may be noted as 'seasonal demand'.  All of these reasons may impact the price of propane. 

Propane compared to Solar Electric Energy

Many rural homeowners have been inclined to install and use a propane furnace (or furnaces) for home heating rather than installing and using a heat pump that uses electricity.  In many cases, the homeowner was informed by someone or some website that propane heating is less expensive than heating with electricity.   However, homeowners should carefully consider all factors when looking at propane compared to solar electric energy.

Summer Fill Propane Pricing

Our propane price survey noted on our home page includes summer fill propane pricing.  While each entry does not specify that the delivery was specifically classified as summer fill propane pricing, consumers should look at the date that appears next to the propane pricing entry.  Summer fill propane pricing is typically effective during the heart of the summer season (i.e. generally June, July, August and September).

Review of Website Visitor Poll Results

We have an ongoing poll for our website visitors to register their response to the question that appears.  Our website poll question is currently as follows:

Does your propane supplier notify you of your propane price per gallon before each home delivery? 

Timing to Select or Change Your Propane Supplier

Summer is a great time to select a propane supplier (if you need propane service) or to change propane suppliers (if you are dissatisfied with your current propane supplier).

Why is summer a good time to start propane service?

There are four great reasons:

Changing Your HVAC Filter

It is important to change your HVAC filter on a regular basis to save money operating your heating and cooling system. A dirty filter makes the system motor work harder moving air throughout your home.

Setting-Up Propane Service Agreement

When a homeowner is interviewing multiple local propane service providers to secure service, local propane suppliers may offer a wide range of options/plans to set-up service. One of the areas that homeowners should carefully consider is the length of the initial service agreement and any automatic extensions that follow the initial propane service period. Other variations of propane service agreements may include an initial period of six-months or twelve-months that automatically converts to renewable service periods of one-month or service periods of three-months or six-months, etc.

Propane Price Gouging

Propane home heating customers can use anywhere in the range of a couple hundred gallons plus or minus per year to a couple thousand plus or minus gallons of propane per year to fuel common household propane gas appliances (furnaces, waterheaters, clothes dryers, cooking appliances, pool heaters, spa heaters, etc.).  Purchasing this range of volume of propane per year can add up to a significant amount of money per year. 

Does Your Propane Supplier Share Your Propane Price Per Gallon BEFORE Each Delivery?

Many propane suppliers choose not to openly post or publish current propane prices for customers to view and compare.  Some suppliers indicate that they are unable to openly publish the current propane price per gallon BEFORE a delivery because wholesale propane prices change very rapidly.  This is very interesting. 

Question: What do current wholesale propane prices have to do with giving an existing propane customer their propane price price per gallon BEFORE each delivery???

Got Propane Tank Size?

Propane  home heating consumers have the opportunity to save money on propane fuel costs this year - when compared to propane prices offered by propane suppliers during recent years.

Question: Got propane tank size?

Propane tank size, commonly rated as 'water capacity', is the amount of propane fuel that a propane tank is designed to store. 


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