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Investigating Propane Tank Ownership During A Home Sale

Many home buyers that search for a home to purchase in a rural community may be purchasing a home outside of the boundries of natural gas service lines.  In these cases, the new rural community resident may be faced with the decision to use propane, electricity or another source of energy for home heating, cooking, etc.

Methods to Evaluate Propane Suppliers

Some new homeowners move into a community without awareness of local propane service providers and the propane pricing offered by the local suppliers.

Changing From Natural Gas Service to Propane Service

Many rural community residents enjoy living 'out in the sticks'.  Among the benefits, rural homeowners typically enjoy natural scenery, living away from common noises of the city, and living near wildlife and the tranquility of nature.

At the same time, rural community dwellers may face a number of challenges.  For example, rural residents, may encounter an occasional bear stopping by to raid the garbage can for lunch, being at a higher risk for fire damage, higher expenses tied to gasoline for longer commutes to their place of employment....and home heating costs.

Propane Inventories Can Factor Into Propane Prices

Propane consumers that use propane for home heating should consider that available propane inventories across the United States can impact current and future propane prices.  

The location of available inventory and the cost to transport available inventories from one area to another area where propane inventories are being depleted due to high demand may also impact current propane pricing.

Propane fuel can be used for a variety of uses not related to home heating demand. 

Does Your Propane Supplier Know The Propane Prices Charged By Their Competition?

Question: Does your propane supplier know the current propane prices that other local propane suppliers are charging?  With most propane suppliers choosing not to openly post current propane prices - this is a good question. The second part of this question could be: Does your propane supplier have any interest in finding out the current propane prices charged by other local propane suppliers and using it to align their current propane prices. 

Propane Pre-Buy Can Help Stabilize Winter Heating Costs

Many propane consumers wisely use the summer months to plan propane service for the forthcoming winter.  Propane Pre-Buy is one common propane price protection plan used by many propane consumers to keep propane prices locked in for a specific volume of propane.

Comparing Local Propane Supplier Propane Prices

As we appraoch the summer months, many propane suppliers will begin soliciting all sorts of programs designed to attract new home heating customers.  When considering the services of a new propane supplier, it makes sense to compare historical propane pricing charged by the company that you are considering vs. the propane prices charged by other local propane suppliers during the past three years.

Propane Heating Cost Versus Electricity Heating Cost

Is propane always less expensive to heat a home vs. using electricity to heat the same home?  Some energy suppliers make this representation on their websites. 

However, one must consider that propane prices tend to change frequently - as represented by many propane suppliers.  If propane prices do in fact change frequently, how can a propane supplier make the representation that propane is always less expensive than heating with electricty if propane rates change frequently?

Two Propane Price Assumptions Consumers Should Never Make

Propane consumers should be careful when making two specific assumptions around propane pricing for home heating:

Are Propane Price Promotions Good For Customers?

As we enter the summer months, many propane suppliers will advertise new customer offers that are designed to attract new customers.  Many suppliers specifically target new home heating customers. 

Are new customer promotional offers good for propane consumers?  It depends on a number of factors.  Some new customer offers may lock in the new customer offer for a short period, perhaps several  weeks.   Some new customer offers may isolate the promotional propane price for one to two tank fills. 


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