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Is TODAY really the best time to buy propane for home heating?

Is TODAY really the best time to buy propane for home heating? 

When is the last time that you visited an automobile dealership and the salesman told you: "TODAY is not a good day for you to buy a car, call me back in a couple weeks and we can determine if that is a better time." 

When is the last time that you met with a real estate agent to purchase a home and the agent said: "Gee, TODAY does not seem like a good day for you to purchase a home, call me back in a couple months, let's revisit the idea of searching for a home for you at that point in time".

Propane Delivery Fees

One of our website visitors shared a valuable propane service related warning and suggested that we post it on our website for the benefit of all propane consumers that visit our website.

The suggestion focused on warning our website visitors of various propane supplier fees that may be added to a propane customer invoice as part of a propane delivery or part of another propane supplier related service.  Propane supplier fees are generally classified as additional costs billed to a propane consumer beyond the price of propane.

Should I Convert From Propane Cylinder Service to Propane Bulk Service?

Some homeowners that had propane service installed many years ago may have had the service set up for relatively low quantity propane service (i.e. for cooking only) when the the propane service was originally established.  Due to relatively lower quantity service, this may have resulted in the original propane service being set up for propane cylinder exchange service when a propane fill was needed rather than service involving larger quantity bulk deliveries made to a larger bulk propane tank onsite by a propane supplier bulk delivery truck.

Is Propane An Economical Motor Fuel?

It is interesting to observe that many propane industry organizations tend to support and promote the use of propane motor fuel for vehicles that travel over public roadways.  Some of these vehicles include school buses, taxi cabs and police vehicles.

Propane Prices: Reasonable or Affordable?

It is interesting to observe when propane suppliers advertise their propane prices as 'reasonable' or 'affordable'.  Current propane consumers or prospective customers should carefully consider the implied message related to the use of 'reasonable' and 'affordable' propane prices.

Starting New Propane Service

In some cases, a new homeowner in a rural community may find an existing propane tank on their new property next to their new home.  Some homeowners that are new to propane service may make the assumption that all propane suppliers provide service that is similar at a propane price per gallon that is very similar or identical to other propane consumers. 

Propane Consumer Protection

In most states, the attorney general office handles propane consumer protection issues.  These issues my be related to propane prices and/or other propane service related issues.

Propane consumers should perform an online propane consumer protection search before starting service with a specific propane supplier.  The goal should be to detect a pattern of propane pricing and/or propane service compliments and/or pricing or service problems related to a specific supplier before starting propane service with a specific propane supplier. 

New Propane Appliance Installation

Have you installed a new propane appliance recently?  If so, be sure to tell your propane supplier!

Propane Tank Size

Colder weather will cause propane deliveries to become more frequent.  More frequent propane deliveries make propane tank size a relevant topic.  One area that propane consumers should consider as they become more familiar with propane service is propane tank size for home use.  Although current propane consumers will have an existing propane tank on site - it may make sense to contact your propane supplier to discuss propane tank size - and the possible advantage of adding an additional propane tank.

Supplementing Residential Propane Heating

Propane consumers that use propane for home heating should investigate alternative ways to heat a home.   Using alternative heating methods can also help a homeowner reduce a household dependency on propane fuel.  This can have the dual benefit of lowering the total annual cost to heat a home and give a homeowner a heating fuel alternative when propane supply shortages occur in a specific community.


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