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New Propane Appliance Installation

Have you installed a new propane appliance recently?  If so, be sure to tell your propane supplier!

Propane Tank Size

Colder weather will cause propane deliveries to become more frequent.  More frequent propane deliveries make propane tank size a relevant topic.  One area that propane consumers should consider as they become more familiar with propane service is propane tank size for home use.  Although current propane consumers will have an existing propane tank on site - it may make sense to contact your propane supplier to discuss propane tank size - and the possible advantage of adding an additional propane tank.

Supplementing Residential Propane Heating

Propane consumers that use propane for home heating should investigate alternative ways to heat a home.   Using alternative heating methods can also help a homeowner reduce a household dependency on propane fuel.  This can have the dual benefit of lowering the total annual cost to heat a home and give a homeowner a heating fuel alternative when propane supply shortages occur in a specific community.

Grading Your Propane Suppliers Service During Winter

Would you recommend your propane supplier to a friend, family member or neighbor?

Propane Payment Plans

Some propane consumers receive propane deliveries during the winter that may include 400, 500, 600 or more gallons.  Working with a propane supplier that offers propane payment plans may help ease a monthly budget  challenge when faced with a large propane bill following a propane delivery.  Propane payment plans are readily available through many propane suppliers. 

Carefully Planning Propane Supplier Termination Date

Many propane consumers spend time during the summer months reviewing and evaluating the propane prices and propane services offered by local propane suppliers.

Match Propane Prices

Some propane suppliers state that they will match propane prices offered by other propane suppliers.  A propane supplier that states that it will match propane prices is a good choice.  However, the offer to match propane prices means that the consumer must call around and check propane prices offered by other local suppliers BEFORE each delivery in order to be eligible for a propane price match.

Propane Cost Savings

News agencies and propane related organizations periodically release news stories about various cities and counties that have chosen to use propane powered vehicles for police and school districts (among other agencies) to realize 'propane cost savings'.  Some reports have described the conversion of taxi cabs and public transit vehicles to propane.  Many of these articles reference the reason for the change: 'Propane Cost Savings'.

Leased Propane Tank Annual Rental Fee Tip

Many propane consumers elect to lease or rent his or her propane tank for residential propane service.  In this case the propane tank is typically owned and installed by his or her current propane supplier.

It is a good idea to make a note of the following propane service related dates:  (1) The date that the annual propane tank rental fee (if applicable) is collected by your propane supplier,  and (2) The date that your propane service commitment ends (as per your propane service contract with your current propane supplier).

Can I Change From Natural Gas to Propane Gas?

Can homeowners and business operators that currently use natural gas for heating change to propane fuel and save money?

In virtually all cases the answer is very simple: No.  While natural gas and propane gas achieve the same goals of home heating, cooking, clothes drying, water heating, etc.,  natural gas fuel is preferred and typically more economical.


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