Why Do Propane Supplier Names Not Appear in Our Propane Price Survey?

Several of our website visitors have contacted us to request that we provide a space for folks to post propane supplier names next to posted prices in our price survey (shown on our website home page).  In theory, this would make it very easy for our website visitors to quickly access our website, review prices next to propane supplier names, then order propane from the propane supplier offering the lowest current propane price.

Unfortunately, allowing propane supplier names next to prices in our price survey leaves our website vulnerable to dishonest and/or unethical propane suppliers that may attempt to attract new customers by posting false price information: Specifically, we want to avoid any propane supplier games where an unethical propane supplier attempts to post false, inflated prices next to competitor propane supplier names in an attempt to make their competition appear to charge high prices, while posting signficantly lower propane pricing next to the unethical supplier company name.  This may create a false impression that the unethical/dishonest propane supplier is the lowest propane price supplier in the area and may cause propane consumers to contact the same propane supplier to set up propane service based on the false information appearing on our website.  While many propane suppliers encourage customers to 'call the office for current prices', it is extremely interesting that virtually all of the suppliers that encourage a telephone call from customers regarding prices choose not to openly post current pricing on their company website.   Perhaps this would be a good question for propane customers to ask their propane suppliers.

Keep in mind that propane suppliers can easily post their current pricing in public view on their own websites if they wish - making it easy for propane consumers to view and compare current prices - but virtually all propane suppliers elect to keep their pricing off their websites.  We have noticed that more and more propane suppliers are starting to openly post currrent propane pricing on some supplier websites as of early 2019.  It is our opinion that propane suppliers that elect to post current propane pricing online are very interested in being open and transparent with their customers. 

The goal of our website is to display prices and other related delivery information posted by propane consumers for other propane consumers to view to help propane consumers determine if his or her propane supplier is charging competitive pricing for each delivery versus other consumers in the same state and/or county.  If a lower propane price per gallon appears in our survey, we encourage any propane consumer in that general area to contact all local supplier for a price quote to determine the lowest price propane supplier at the time a delivery is needed. We hope that you find our website valuable as you diligently work to ensure that each of your future propane deliveries are priced at a competitive price per gallon.

A quick online review of propane price complaints generally reveals that many complaints related to propane price gouging occur when a propane consumer has no clue of the price per gallon for pending supplier deliveries and puts his or her supplier on the 'honor system' to price the propane fuel in a competitive manner. 

Suppliers of many products around the world would LOVE the opportunity to make delivery after delivery, year after year, to customers without disclosing the price of the product with the customer BEFORE each delivery.  This scenario creates a great opportunity for any supplier to make deliveries and pick a price to put on the billing statement.  However, this scenario puts consumers at a serious risk of price gouging.  Unless a propane consumer has a firm price commitment from the propane supplier for a specific period of time or to delivery a specific volume of propane a propane consumer should NEVER authorize propane deliveries without being informed of the propane price BEFORE each delivery.   Each customer certainly has the right to be informed of his or her price before receiving each delivery.

Do you think a propane supplier allows their delivery truck supplier's to build and deliver their delivery trucks without knowing the price of each truck before the truck is delivered to the supplier's place of business?  If the propane supplier called the truck supplier and was told "the price of all the materials and tires on the truck we are building for you change all the time, call the offfice to find out the price of your propane truck" - would the propane supplier continue to deal with that truck supplier?  We all know the answers to these questions.   As a consumer you should be equally dilligent in checking your propane price per gallon AND COMPARING IT WITH THE PRICE OF OTHER LOCAL PROPANE SUPPLIERS BEFORE each delivery.  Do your homework on pricing. 

Read our article on propane price gouging to learn how to work with your propane supplier to be informed of your price per gallon BEFORE each delivery.  If your propane supplier refuses to disclose your propane price before each propane delivery, call around and ask which local suppliers will work with you on this matter.

It also makes sense to perform some online research on any propane supplier that you are considering or currently using for propane service.  Open up your google search page, perform a search similar to the following: [supplier name] propane price gouging, or propane prices [supplier name].  Enter the propane supplier name in place of  [supplier name].    Review the search results, read the articles.  Stay informed. 

Also, be sure to share our website address with your friends, co-workers, neighbors, relatives and anyone else that you know that uses propane for residential heating purposes.  The more participating propane consumers in your area, the more comparable pricing information that will appear in our website database that applies to your area for your review.

If you feel that you are a victim of propane price gouging, it makes sense to contact the  Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or State Consumer Protection Office Contact Information (look for 'Attorney General' listing for your state as this department can direct you to consumer protection services) in your state.  If you are informed that these offices are not appropriate for your specific issue, ask the agency for direction on the proper agency to contact to address your matter.